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Caging the Warrior; Marine martial arts instructors participate in MMA

Robert Abrantes is relaxed, calm and collected. Each stroke is delivered carefully to his canvas. A design unfolds, and as time wears on, the finished product moves into focus. Working like a painter before an easel, Abrantes draws from an array of tools and techniques. However, he doesn’t use brushes and paint. Instead, he uses raw flesh and toned muscle. His blank canvas doesn’t rest on an easel – it’s the body of his opponent.
Sergeant Abrantes, and Staff Sgt. Daniel Sandlin are Martial Arts Instructor Trainers with the Advanced Infantry Training Battalion at School of Infantry (East), Camp Geiger, N.C. In between the hours spent at their physically exhausting work, which begins as early as five in the morning and often goes until dark, they train and prepare themselves for their demanding past time – participation in mixed martial arts tournaments. (continue reading…)
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Inspecting for Sharp Minds and Bodies

Thirteen weeks have passed for the young men of 1st Battalion, Company B first stepped onto the yellow footprints of Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego.  From day one, these young men have been under the watchful eyes of their drill instructors being challenged physically and mentally every day.

Since first meeting their drill instructors, Company B has trained virtually non-stop.  They have learned close-order drill, hand-to-hand combat, rifle marksmanship, and the history of the Corps.  However, the drill instructors have also passed on the meaning of the Corps’ values of honor, courage and commitment.

One major test is the Crucible, this 54-hour training evolution where the recruits are put into a combat-simulated environment with rationed food and very little sleep, tests all the physical training the recruits have received and their ability to accomplish tasks in a high stress environment.

After the completion of the Crucible, the young men receive their eagle, globe and anchor and are called Marines for the first time.  Though the new Marines have finally earned their emblem they still have to pass the Battalion Commander’s Inspection. (continue reading…)

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Drill Instructor Into Extreme Sports

Growing up in Pismo Beach, Calif., a drill instructor spent countless hours hitting the slopes on his snow board. But with the need for adrenaline coursing through his veins, the drill instructor wanted to test the excitement of other extreme sports.

After Staff Sgt. Heath A. Gomez, senior drill instructor, Platoon 2122, Company F, became a Marine, he remembered the time he spend in the mountains snowboarding and began surfing, riding dirt bikes and cycling.

His horizons broadened when his brother-in-law, a student at San Diego State University, asked him if he wanted to go surfing with him one morning. Gomez figured the water would be a lot warmer in San Diego than it was at Pismo Beach, so he opted to give it a try.

Although snowboarding and surfing have similarities, surfing didn’t come easy for Gomez.

“Both snowboarding and surfing are a balancing game and a test of good coordination,” said Gomez.

It took him a couple of weeks before he caught my first wave. When he stood up for the first time, he felt exhilarated because he was gliding on water, he said.

It’s that feeling when he caught that wave that kept him going back for more. (continue reading…)

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