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Boosting morale through cadence

Military cadence is a traditional call that is used as a song during running and marching formations. Cadences are used to instill teamwork, build camaraderie and to boost the morale of a unit.


Cadence commands such as “left foot, right foot” keep the platoon synchronized while in a running formation. However, there is more to cadence than to just stay instep. Military cadence is also used to motivate and inspire military personnel to push through fatigue.

“When you’re out training and running with your unit to cadences it gives you a sense of pride, keeps you and your fellow Marines motivated and builds up camaraderie with the people you train with everyday,” said Staff Sgt. Glen E. Allen, drill instructor, Platoon 2129, Company F, 2nd Recruit Training Battalion. “Morale is always important to keep high within a unit. Cadence is one of those things used to keep it high.” (continue reading…)

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Finding a new brother in the U.S. Marines

After witnessing death and tragedy at a young age and turning down a dark path, one young man used the later losses of his two brothers to change his goals for life and join the Marine Corps to become part of a loyal family of thousands.

In 2004, Rct. Jordan McAlexander’s life overturned when the then 11-year-old was caught in the middle of his grandfather’s murder. The assailant, a former neighbor, killed three others before seeing young McAlexander and his grandfather pulling into the driveway.

His grandfather told McAlexander to stay in the vehicle. Yet once a gun was drawn and yelling began, the boy ran inside to alert his grandmother who was on the phone with his mother. Realizing what her distraught grandson was saying, she dialed 911 while McAlexander’s mother called his stepfather, a sheriff’s sergeant, who was nearby. (continue reading…)

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