Best Appendix Carry Holsters For a Quick Accurate Draw

By Kenneth Miller
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The Rundown
  • Editor’s Choice
    Available for various gun brands and models, it is available in different leather types and colors. Optics are also compatible.
  • Best Concealment
    Suitable for a right-hand draw and without any optics, this holster also works for a variety of gun brands and models and comes with an audible lock system.
  • Best Versatility
    The 4-in-1 holster allows you to open, carry or conceal your weapon and is available in left and right-hand orientation.
  • Adjustable Retention
    Features adjustable retention and can also carry an additional magazine. Comes with a flared opening for reholstering.
  • Comfortable Waist-Band Design
    It has a universal design that goes with your waistband for maximum comfort and an additional non-lethal holster.
  • Comfortable Waist-Band Design
    Features a mag carrier. This holster is made of an injection-molded polymer that makes it lightweight yet durable.

When looking for the best appendix carry holster, should you really be booking for safety and comfort? Well, this is not a product where you should go budget-friendly for any reason. If that’s the case, you should brace yourself because it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

You need to consider an appendix carry holster that is made of quality materials, has adequate concealment and retention, and has a proper grip. But there are so many options available on the market. So which one should be the right choice for you?

But don’t worry! We’ve developed this guide for you and have reviewed our favorites to assist you in making your decision.

Editor’s Choice
CrossBreed Appendix Carry Holster
CrossBreed Appendix Carry Holster
Available for various gun brands and models, it is available in different leather types and colors. Optics are also compatible.
What we like
  • Works for a range of different gun models
  • Effortless to use and reholstering
  • Compatible with gun optics
  • Ambidextrous design is available in different leather options and colors
What we don’t like
  • Not suitable for practice

The CrossBreed carry holster is the best AIWB holster with an ambidextrous, and it is also fully equipped to hold your gun optics. It is available in three different leather types: cowhide, horsehide, and Fonder’s leather. You can also choose from three different color options.

This carry holster is made of quality materials that will last many years to come and keep your weapon safe too. It is made for concealing your weapon and has a minimal yet sturdy design. The holster can carry a range of gun models and is lightweight. It ensures adequate gun retention and holds the weapon in place to prevent any accidents.

This holster is an excellent choice for all purposes. It allows you to carry your weapon for personal security and self-defense. But you can also use it for various other purposes. This is a carry holster designed for real situations.

One of the primary reasons we loved this holster is its uniquely compact design, which is great for concealment. It is designed to be positioned right in front of you, but you can also wear it in a cross-draw position. Plus, it works well with many brands and models, including the likes of Glock 26 and 43, Beretta Nano, Ruger LC9, Sig Sauer 365, Springfield Hellcat, Colt Mustang, Springfield XDs and XD Mod 2, and Kahr CW9.

This is certainly the real deal, but if you are looking for a holster for shooting range or practice, you need to go for a slightly low-tier. This holster is made for personal security and field use only.

Best Concealment
CYA Supply Co. Base IWB Concealed Carry Holster
CYA Supply Co. Base IWB Holster
Suitable for a right-hand draw and without any optics, this holster also works for a variety of gun brands and models and comes with an audible lock system.
What we like
  • Very easy when it comes to quickly drawing the weapon
  • Weapons insertion will be much easier
  • Compact design works well for concealment
  • Works with a range of different gun models
What we don’t like
  • Not the right choice if you will be sitting around even for a few minutes

The CYA Appendix Carry Holster is an excellent choice if concealment is our highest priority. It has a minimalist design. The compact design allows you to hide your weapon while carrying it comfortably under your clothes. In our opinion, this is one of the reasons why we have rated this product so high on our list.

It is made of quality Boltaron (.08 inches) material, a thermoplastic form. It is the same material used in aircraft interiors where aesthetics don’t matter. So it’s pretty durable and works well with various gun models. These include Beretta, CZ, FN, Canik, Glock, HK, Kahr, Kimber, Mossberg, Ruger, S&W, Sig Sauer, Springfield, Taurus, and Walther.

It has a compact design, so it is a top choice for concealment. But we think its retention is pretty awesome, even for a compact design, thanks to its audible lock system. You will know when the gun is locked and safe in its holster when you hear the locking sound.

This holster is again an excellent choice for personal security, and you can use it in real-time on the field. But if you are looking to practice your drawing, you might have to face some difficulties. It is certainly the right voice for bigger weapons.

Its compact design is one of the reasons why it is on this list. If concealment is of utmost importance to you, then you should definitely consider going for this appendix carry holster.

Using this holster for practice might take a while, but it does work if you carry your weapons with you and move around. It will certainly work if you have to sit even for a few moments because the weapons will dig right into your stomach, which can be pretty uncomfortable.

Best Versatility
Alien Gear Appendix Holster
Alien Gear Appendix Holster
The 4-in-1 holster allows you to open, carry or conceal your weapon and is available in left and right-hand orientation.
What we like
  • You can conceal or openly carry your weapons
  • Four different options to keep your weapon with you
  • Holds the weapons in place pretty well
  • Made of quality neoprene material
What we don’t like
  • Can only work with a few gun models

If you are looking for versatility, the Alen Gear Appendix Carry Holster is the right option. The reason why it is such a versatile design is that you holster your gun in four different ways. You can put the hybrid holster on your back or carry it with you on your side using your belt. Appendix carry option is also available along with paddle carrying. Made of neoprene, this holster is ambidextrous and only works well with Springfield XDs.

But its versatility is its disadvantage as well because it works only with Springfield XDs and other models unless you go for a few modifications. Therefore, it’s a bit of a letdown, and that’s why it takes the number 3 spot on our list despite being so multifaceted.

The holster does offer pretty good retention, and the weapons won’t slip out no matter what. Still, it doesn’t have any locking mechanism to ensure the gun stays in the holster. Concealment is pretty good, and you can go for open carry if you want. It is made of durable neoprene, which is lightweight and water resistant, protecting your weapon. Moreover, it stays on you, even if you move around fast, and you can get a good grip on your weapon in most positions.

As it is the most versatile of them, you can use it in different scenarios and move around as you wish. You can sit for a longer period if you keep it on your side and can stay on your feet while the weapon is holstered on your appendix. You can even put it on your back and sit around for some time if you want. So whether you are on your duty, on the go, or in a shooting range for practice, it does work well.

We loved that this carry holster allows you to carry your weapon in any way you like. You can conceal it or go for open carry. You can place it in front, nearside, or even on your back in your belt. This design truly makes it unique.

The only thing we didn’t like about this carry holster is that it doesn’t fit many gun models. So you are only limited to a few options at max. But it is definitely the best appendix carry holster with the magazine.

Adjustable Retention
Fierce Defender IWB Kydex Holster
Fierce Defender IWB Kydex Holster
Features adjustable retention and can also carry an additional magazine. Comes with a flared opening for reholstering.
What we like
  • Adjustable retention allows a better fit
  • High-quality Kydex materials were used in the construction
  • You can carry an additional magazine
  • Features flirted with openings for convenient holstering
What we don’t like
  • Not compatible with any gun optics

If you want to keep your weapon with you along with an additional magazine, then you should consider going for the Fierce Defender Kydex Holder. It means you will always have that added storage to keep another mag with you. And all that while keeping everything well concealed.

Made of Kydex .08 materials, this carry holster is durable and strong and molded specially to carry your weapon. Thanks to its adjustable retention for both the weapon and the mag, you will always get a pretty good grip. It stays close to your appendix and ensures proper grip of the weapon whenever you need to draw it. It’s the most comfortable appendix holster.

As it is an appendix carry holder, you will have to place it right in front. So you can get a good hold of your weapons instantly. This style won’t work if you will be sitting around for a few moments, or the holster with the gun will hurt your belly. In that scenario, you can go for cross carry if you want.

It has a design that allows you to carry your mag with you, allowing you to have more bullets. And you still manage to conceal the weapon pretty well under your clothes. Moreover, its adjustable retention definitely impresses us, and this feature makes this carry holster a better choice for you.

This carry holster is the right option for you because it allows you to conceal your weapon the right way, and you can also carry an additional magazine for your weapons. Apart from that, it comes with adjustable retention, so it does fit most handguns pretty well. But it is an ideal choice for experienced users who are used to their guns and how to draw them swiftly.

Comfortable Waist-Band Design
Universal IWB Holster
NREOY Universal IWB Holster
It has a universal design that goes with your waistband for maximum comfort and an additional non-lethal holster.
What we like
  • Made of quality and durable neoprene material
  • Only comes with a right-hand orientation
  • It tends to fit all gun sizes pretty well
  • Retention is excellent with a button strap
What we don’t like
  • The button strap does tend to stick at times

If you look specifically for a waistband design, you need to go for the Nreoy IWB holster. This carry holster is good for concealed carry. It comes with a separate mag carry holster that you can use for your knife, extra magazine, or other non-lethal equipment. It is made of quality, durable neoprene materials, and it will keep your gun safe. The holster fits most guns and comes with foam innards that prevent discomfort or rubbing.

As it comes with a separate non-lethal holster, you can conveniently keep it under wraps and make yourself more comfortable. The design becomes much more convenient for day-to-today use. Due to its design, it can fit most gun models. But some models of Sig Sauer guns might require you to make a few modifications to the holster by cutting a couple of stitches right at the end. It also has a button to hold the weapon in place for proper retention so you can grip your weapon comfortably.

You can keep it where you can easily access the weapon quickly. You also get a chance to carry non-lethal equipment or an additional mag for your gun.

The waistband design of this carry holster is pretty unique. It allows you to carry your weapons and carry a mag separately. You can use this mag holster for other non-lethal equipment as well.

We loved that this holster comes with a separate holster for non-lethal equipment. However, it also means that you will have to place it accordingly so you can easily access it. In addition, the button on the holster tends to get stuck at times, so you need to be precise with your drawing technique, which will only come with practice.

Comfortable Waist-Band Design
BLACKHAWK Stache Premium IWB Holster
BLACKHAWK Stache Premium IWB Holster
Features a mag carrier. This holster is made of an injection-molded polymer that makes it lightweight yet durable.
What we like
  • Ability to attach or detach the mag holster
  • Mag holster adjustment is possible
  • Works well with various gun brands and models
  • Ambidextrous design that comes with adjustable retention
What we don’t like
  • A bit too large for full concealment

The BlackHawk Stache Carry Holster is made of premium quality injection molded polymer. So it’s pretty lightweight and sturdy. Moreover, you can make adjustments to the design according to your preferences. The holster comes with nuts, and with just a few turns, you can easily alter the design the way you like.

This gun holster also comes with a mag holster; you can attach or detach it according to your needs. It is also a pretty user-friendly holster that works in a variety of ways. The holster is ambidextrous, and you can use it with your right or left hand. It is pretty good in terms of concealment as you can expand on making the design compact by attaching or detaching the mag holster and its attachment with the main gun holster. Therefore, you have the option of openly carrying or concealing your gun.

We loved the fact that this holster allows you to draw your gun pretty quickly, and the gun also stays in place in the holster. You can also carry an additional mag with you all the time and easily access it from its own separate holster.

If you don’t want to carry the additional mag holster, you can detach it from the main holster using the nuts. You can also adjust the mag holster according to your needs and ease of access.

This is exactly what makes this holster unique, as you can attach or detach the mag holster according to your needs. The holster is also designed to carry a range of different gun models from different brands according to your needs.

But you will have to keep in mind that this holster is not designed for ease of movement. You might find it difficult to sit even for a few moments because the holster will dig into your tummy. And for that, you will have to keep it on your side. And by doing so, you will have to compromise on your drawing speed.

There are so many options that are available on the market. Therefore, narrowing down your options and looking for the best quality products that deliver the goods is important.

Therefore, to assist you in this regard, we have developed this buying guide to answer the most popular queries regarding the best appendix carry holsters and the features you need in these holsters.

Features to Consider Before Buying an Appendix Carry Holster

To get the best bang for your buck, you need to look closely at the key features. Whether you are looking for full concealment, adequate retention, excellent and swift group, or quality materials, various features make an appendix carry holster work very well. So here are some important features you must look into before buying an appendix carry holster suitable for your needs.

Types of Carrying Styles

There are different types of IWB holsters available on the market. And one of them is an appendix carrying a holster. Now, each of them has a different purpose. Let’s have a brief look at each of them,

  • Strong side carry holsters are designed for you to carry close to your dominant hand, and your weapon will be very close to your grasp. They provide you with a faster time to draw your gun. But they don’t work out well if you keep them on your weak side.
  • Appendix carry holsters are positioned right in front of your appendix. It is usually lower on your belly’s right side or belt buckle. For most people, it is a convenient place to conceal a firearm, and drawing from this position is natural. Some models also come with a mag holster that you can use to place your mag, knife, or other non-lethal equipment.


There are various types of materials used in the construction of these holsters. Some of them are made of Kydex, like the Fierce Defender Carry Holster.

While others are made of leather, such as the CrossBreed Appendix Carry Holder, you will also find a CYA Carry Holster made of aircraft-grade thermoplastic called Boltaron.

Neoprene is also used to construct these holsters, as in the case of Alien Gear Carry Holster and Nreoy Carry Holster. But if you want to go for injection molded polymer, consider the Blackhawk Stache Carry Holster.

You can also find leather and nylon, which are pretty good in terms of their performance and longevity.


When it comes to concealability, there are two options you can go for. You can either go for a carry holster that is better for open carry or a holster that is made for full concealment.

The CYA carry holster is the right option if you are looking for full concealment. Alien Gear is the better choice if you are looking to carry your gun while it is fully concealed or fully open. Nreoy is another good option for choosing between open carry and full concealment.

The primary reason to go for an IWB holster is to keep your weapons hidden. Therefore, if you have gone for a holster that doesn’t conceal your weapon properly, your holster is not working well for you.


It is all about how a carry holster is designed to keep your gun within it until you draw it. Your gun holster shouldn’t lose your weapon even if you’re making fast movements like jumping or running because it is not safe.

For this, you need to go for gun holsters that fit very well. The CYA Carry Holster and Fierce Defender Kydex Holder are two pretty good options when it comes to retention.

The CYA holster comes with an audible lock system that tells you that your holster is holding the gun when you reupholster it. The Fierce Defender Kydex Holster comes with adjustable retention, and you can make your gun perfectly fit so it can remain in place when it is holstered.

Nreoy is another good option you can consider when it comes to retention because it comes with a button strap to hold your gun in place.

Retention means how well a holster can hold your weapon. For these holsters, there is passive and active retention. With passive retention, a holster relies more on its tightness against the gun. Active retention refers to a switch or a button that will keep your gun inside the holster.

You must go for solid passive retention as it will prevent your firearm from moving or shaking within the holster if you have to make any sudden movements like jumping or running. Holsters with excellent passive retention fit the form on your gun because it’s just a mold.


You need to go for a carry holster that allows you to access your weapon as soon as you need it quickly. There is no point in going for a holster that prevents you from doing so.

Appendix carry holsters are one of the best for grip because your weapon is right in front of you, and you can easily draw it in time if needed.

Therefore, the best option you can go for is the CrossBreed Carry Holster, CYA Carry Holster, or even the Alien Gear Carry Holster. They all make it easy for you to grip and draw your weapon conveniently.


Of course, your life will depend on how fast you can draw your gun, and you have to access your firearms when you need them the most. You will need to go for a suitable retention level and adjustable cant.

Cant is a tilt of your gun towards left or right. With an ideal cant, your dominant hand will find the quickest way to draw the weapon without any awkwardness or contortion. Bad cant can cause fumbling during drawing.

Your muzzle must be able to clear your thigh to prevent any accidents from happening. You can take as much time as necessary to make the adjustments right here.


You have to make sure how comfortable a carry holster feels when you have it in your belt. It should cause you any kind of pain, or you will have to carry it all day with you.

If you are not comfortable with your holster, it is best to find another one because you will be wearing it regularly. Kydex and plastic are two of the most common when it comes to comfort. You should consider going for holsters that are made of these two materials.


Price is still a huge factor as some holsters are more expensive than others. It is primarily due to the materials used in the construction, some adjustability features, etc.

But we would highly recommend going for quality materials and features. Don’t go for the price is the sole deciding factor when looking for your carry holster.

High-end holsters come with some added features and excellent retention and concealment with some gimmicks as well. However, mid-range holsters work well as they balance price and features properly and deliver excellent value for money.

Other Essential Features

A good-quality appendix carry holster should be suitable, but it can end up scratching and rubbing the finish from your gun. Maybe you need a separate holster to place your mag, as in the case with Fierce Defender Kydex Holster?

Or maybe you’re looking for sturdy belt loops and claws that are not made of plastic. You have to make sure that your holster comes with a sweat guard, especially during the days of sweltering heat.

Holsters with audible clicks, as in the case of CYA Carry Holster, are a good feature to have that your gun is now safely upholstered. Also, make sure to go for a holster that comes with a trigger guard, as it will prevent any accidental discharges. And if you prefer safety over the draw speed, you can also go for deep concealment.


Do you need a special holster for appendix carry?

In general, this carrying position is used in the waistband (IWB) holster. And the design is to make concealment. The modern-day appendix carry holsters are more sophisticated as they come with specific holsters, belts, and various methods to make drawing safer and carrying more comfortable.

Why shouldn’t you carry your appendix?

The greatest risk associated with carrying your appendix is the direct impact that any negligent discharge can have on you. Negligible discharges can occur in any carrying position.

But if they occur in appendix carry, the impact would be directly on your critical areas of the body, including your femoral artery and groin. Therefore, it is recommended that you shouldn’t go for an appendix carrying holsters.

Can you sit while appendix carrying?

This is perhaps one of the biggest issues with appendix carry holsters. As you are carrying your weapon on an appendix, sitting with this carry will result in your gun digging into your belly.

It can cause a lot of discomfort, and you won’t be able to be seated even for a few minutes. The typical placement of your firearm in appendix carry is often around halfway between the pockets of your pants and your waistband button. Now, with this position of your firearm, you won’t be able to sit down with any comfort whatsoever.

Our Verdict

Appendix carry holsters are pretty good for concealment and easy access. And the best thing is that there are multiple options available on the market that you can consider.

The CrossBreed Appendix Carry Holster is the best option, hands down because it is made of premium quality materials and is highly durable. It is also our Editor’s Choice.

A close runner-up is the CYA Appendix Carry Holster which has a compact design and is pretty good for concealment.

The second runner-up is the Alien Gear Carry Holster, which is great for its versatility. You can use it in various forms depending on your requirements.

Of course, other options are also available, and they are also good in their own regards. But these three are the best according to our assessment. So which one of these is the best appendix carry holster for you?